Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello Pacific Northwest.

I'm back! After a decade of living and gardening in Central Texas, I'm back home in the Pacific Northwest where I grew up and learned to garden. Leaving my garden I built in Austin was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but I am so excited to be back home. I won't miss the Death Star, I tell you what. I do miss the gorgeous Central Texas spring, though. It was in the mid-80's and sunny, sunny, sunny when I left. When I arrived in Olympia, Wa, it was in the 60's and...that's right! Rainy! And that's perfectly fine with me. I love the rain. I'm never complaining about the rain again. Nope. Never. It's what makes the Pacific Northwest green and that is just fine and dandy with me.

So I'm back and ya'll (The peeps up here are gonna give me hell for using the term "ya'll", but I so don't care. I kinda like it and I'm keeping it.) are probably curious what my next garden project is. Well here it is:

That big old dirt spot is gonna become a veggie and flower garden. My first task is to get all those rocks outta there and then have a load of compost delivered so I can rototill it all in there. In a couple weeks, I'll be ready to start planting and the Month of May is perfect planting time up here. There will be corn, pumpkins, tomatoes, cukes, and pole beans. And there will be cosmos and sunflowers and all manner of annuals. And there are no, I repeat NO squash vine borers up here. *does a snoopy dance*

Oh! And lookie what I got! A fuchsia! A great big, super-fluffy, Pacific-Northwesty fuchsia:

I'm so excited, I think I'm gonna pee my pants!


Lancashire rose said...

Good luck with your new garden. I'm sure there will be some challenges, although the death star will not be one.

Pam/Digging said...

Yes, good luck with the new garden and enjoy your new (old) climate's advantages. There are many!

Sheryl said...

Hello banana slugs! Good luck on the new venture. I will think of you when I am slogging it out in the heat. I'll be curious to see how you adapt to not having the death star and start seeing the 42 shades of gray we PNW folks can identify.

scottweberpdx said...

Welcome excited you've returned to the PNW! I bet it was hard to leave the old garden...but now you have a clean slate to experiment on again :-)