Monday, April 2, 2012

Damn! Damianita!

The damianita has exploded in bloom the past week or so. Not only does it look like little balls of sunshine fell into my garden, it's aromatic to boot. Slide your hand through the evergreen foliage and it releases a wonderful scent. And it takes a beating in the Texas summer sun and keeps on going. I just love this stuff:

The hellstrip is the place for this plant as it thrives in full sun:

As an added bonus, it works great at holding the dirt on the slope where it belongs and not washing out into the street when it rains:

Here it is growing into and through the pencil cactus:

Damianita pairs beautifully with Spanish lavender which also enjoys fast draining, hot and dry locations:

Closer look at the lavender:

It spills nicely over onto the concrete. I do trim it when it gets too big so as not to impede the sidewalk traffic flow:

Blackfoot daisy is another one that loves the same hot, dry conditions. Here it is with damianita. What a pair!:

I even have some planted in the back in partial shade along with the salvia and texas star. It is less compact and more rangy the more shade it gets:


Amy said...

Wow! That is one happy damianita! What a lucky hellstrip...

katina said...

oooo! me likey! I'll have to remember to add Spanish Lavender to my list of plants to get for the hell strip (I already have demianita and blackfoot daisy on the list).

Lancashire rose said...

Beautiful photos of a gorgeous landscape. I love the way you have mixed plants and shrubs.

Caroline said...

Pretty, pretty! Do you know -- can damianita be pruned? I have a big one that's got a big hole in the middle (the branches are all splayed out). I'm tempted to plant something in the middle!

Lee17 said...


I have pruned the damianita back without a problem. I am careful how I prune it, so as not to leave any obvious holes.