Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bloom Day - May 15, 2012

My first bloom day post from the Pacific Northwest! I actually don't have much since I'm still getting settled in, but I do have a few blooms to show off.

Um, first a little background on the plants I moved. I wanted to move EVERYTHING I had in pots along with said pots, but um....I ran out of space. Literally. We closed the truck up and the back door slid down scraping the side of the fish tanks and stands. Yes, my cichlids took priority even over my plants. We moved them in aerated buckets powered by giant computer backup batteries in the back of the car 2200+ miles. But! The empty tanks were filled with plants! Every space was filled.

What does a plant fanatic do when they run out of room for all the potted plants? They de-pot each and every one of the treasured babies and put them in bags. Oh, yes I did. I'm that nutty about my plants. Sadly, I had to leave many of my prized pots behind (the neighbors were pleased as I told them they could have the pots I left behind and they gave me huge smiles and many thank yous). They were just too large and heavy to stack and fit in the truck. But the de-potted and bagged plants could easily be shoved in every crevice I could find. I tetris-ed that truck as full as I could. Every free space filled with plants and bulbs. Sadly, I had to leave my lemon and lime trees behind *cries a little*. I was, however, able to bring my miniature mandarin orange tree back with me, so at last there's that. I'll just purchase new lemon and lime trees later.

Did all my plants make it? Most of them did. I'm actually surprised since we spent a night in Durango, Colorado and it froze that night. But, they were all packed in pretty well, so I guess they were fairly protected. I'm pretty sure I lost a white abutilon, but I'm still waiting to see if it comes back to life. The succulents all made it, but one is pretty beat up and I'll have to trim it way back. Other than that, most everything came through ok and are temporarily in ugly plastic pots while I hunt down new fabulous pacific-northwesty pots for them.

Here's a couple things from the move that are blooming for me this month.

First, the Aztec lilies! These seem to really be enjoying their new climate and are blooming it up right now:


The Texas Tuberose are also blooming. These were beginning to bloom when I moved and I had to *very carefully* de-pot and pack these so the 4 foot bloom stalk wouldn't break in the move. I can't believe it made it in one piece, but here it is:


And of course spring in the PNW means rhododendrons! How I have missed these. They are blooming crazy right now all over the place. Purple:

Pink and yellow ones:

The rhodies attract hummers and there are at least 4 rufous hummers around fighting over them. The rufous hummingbirds would only occasionally winter in my garden in Texas, but they spend all spring and summer up here. Here's one of the resident rufous hummers at the new feeder I put out:

As a side note, rufous hummingbirds sound exactly like light sabers! (just throwing a little geek in for good measure here) Well, that's it for bloom day this month. Hopefully I'll have more next month - I have a big garden project that is consuming most of my free time right now. Happy Bloom day everyone!


chavliness said...

As a fellow PNW gardener, the sun is killing me too! And even though the song is true, the bluest sky is in Seattle, I have to cover up when the sun comes out.

Welcome back to the NW. I can't imagine the heartbreak of leaving your lovely garden behind. I saw the pictures! They are beautiful.

Nothing like the challenge of a new garden project to bring happiness into your heart. I'll be looking forward to reading your blog and following your progress!

Jane said...

Happy belated Bloom Day! Your blog title attracted me (not a big fan of sun/heat and can't imagine living in warmer climates), and your light saber comment in relation to the hummingbird sold me. Your blooms are looking great. Best of luck as you settle into your new garden. Thank you for sharing!

Andrew @ Garden Ideas said...

It must be so good to have Hummingbirds in the garden.
In the UK so many of the native birds are in decline.
Birds are so important to the garden and the gardeners.