Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bloom Day - April 15th 2012

It is the most fantabulous spring this year! Lotsa stuff blooming. Here we go:

Jerusalem sage, bluebonnets, cornflower, gazania, pink primrose:

Antelope horns milkweed:

Pink Primrose:

Blue-eyed grass:

Cedar Sage:

Cedar sage, columbine, dianthus:


Columbine, Texas betony, Gulf penstemon:

Chocolate flower, byzantine glads, amaryllis in the background:

Chocolate flower. And yes, these really do smell like chocolate!:


Orchid tree, texas star, damianita, salvia, lyre leaf sage, pink primrose:

Salvia Teresa, Texas Star:

Texas Star, Pink Dragon vine:

Lyre Leaf Sage:

Puffball against a backdrop of silver ponyfoot:


Texas Mountain Sage:

Navajo Deep Purple Salvia:

Knockout roses and yellow flax:

Mountain Bird of Paradise:

Golden Leadball tree:

Shrimp Plant:

Black and blue salvia:

Batface cuphea is starting to bloom. This is the earliest I have ever had it begin blooming:

And white rain lilies are blooming:

Closer. They smell just as wonderful as they look:

Happy Bloom day everyone!


Amy said...

That's quite a bounty of blooms! I love that you have antelope horns in your yard and that cedar sage looks amazing. I'm putting it on my wish list (along with byzantine glads).

Hoover Boo said...

I very much enjoyed my visit to Texas via your blog on this beautiful Sunday morning. Thanks, and happy Bloom Day!

Iris said...

Wow! You DO have lots of beautiful blooms. I think I need some of that lovely blue-eyed grass. Is it relatively easy to find in Austin?

Lee17 said...

Hi Iris,

They always seem to have some at Barton Springs Nursery. That's where I picked up mine. :)

katina said...

So many things blooming in your yard...

The Batface at work has been blooming for the last couple of's insane.

Missy said...

I would love to be a bee or butterfly in your garden. So much to choose from - I'd never leave.

Darla said...

You have some nice blooms going on. I have never seen blue eyed grass that full of blooms at one time, nice!