Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Bloom Day - a couple days late.

OK, ok, so I missed bloom day. My camera broke and I'm on my backup camera. When I went to offload the pictures, I realized I had misplaced the cord and couldn't connect it to the computer. I picked up a new cord today and now I have the pics in my grubby garden fingers!

It has been raining quite a bit this spring so far in Texas. More than I have seen in years! The garden is looking fab due to this extra rain and super-extra mild winter. I am super excited about the garden this spring as I'm sure this very early warm weather is really a harbinger of evil death star drought and death for this summer and I am gonna enjoy the flowers while they try and bloom before it is 100+ degrees every. single. day.

What's blooming now:

Globemallow. Holy cow this is looking outstanding right now. Love, love, love this one:

Look how stunning it is behind the color guard yucca:


Another fav of mine is the original tulip clusiana with the magenta center:

They have been slowly spreading each year and so now I have several:

Side view:

In the back garden the tulip clusiana Cynthia and Tinka are blooming:

Closer of Cynthia:

Cynthia is all buttery yellow inside with yellow stamens and Tinka is buttery yellow in side with red stamens. Other than that, I think they really look about the same.

More Cynthia:

More clusiana under the weeping possumhaw:

Oh! The bluebonnets are blooming. I don't have as many this year as usual due to the extended drought of the last couple years, but here are a few with some prairie paintbrush:

A few more:

The white cemetery iris are blooming. I put a bunch in a pot so I could have them in my entryway where I can stop and give them a good sniffing now and then:

Ajuga is also blooming. They add some color when the canna are still coming back from the winter freezeback:

Blackfoot daisy is blooming. They survived a near death experience in the hellstrip last year, but they bounced right back this spring. Yay for drought tolerant perennials!:

The bulbine are enjoying the warm spring:

The columbine is looking and smelling wonderful:


The crossvine is just coming into bloom and looks splediferous above the coral honeysuckle vine:

Hoop Petticoats. So sweet:



Pink Primrose. A bit of a thug in the garden, but I just love these so much and they die back to the ground by the time it gets hot anyway:

The Texas Mt Laurel is finishing up blooming. Sure wish I could bottle the grape soda scent.:

And Thalia narcissus. I really love these. They come back year after year for me. I recently replaced some other narcissus that didn't make it through the drought with these guys since these don't seem to mind being baked hard at all (hippies!).

Wider shot:


Lancashire rose said...

The mallow certainly is a beauty. I am hoping it will like my garden to. Lots of lovely natives in your bloom day show.
(Have you thought about switching off your security words. Google has made them so difficult that if others are like me they give up after getting it wrong the first time. I haven't noticed much spam after removal).

Bob said...

That is one beautiful mallow. I just got to get one of those.

These recent rains have really turned your garden on, just beautiful.