Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bluebonnets and Paintbrush

It's bluebonnets and paintbrush time in Central Texas. Here are a few blooming in my garden:

Both the bluebonnets and prairie paintbrush have naturalized in my front garden, so they are popping up everywhere:

Yellow paintbrush:

Here are some bluebonnets along with lavendar and damianita:

Bluebonnets, primrose, and species tulips:

It has been a most splediferous spring so far in Austin this year. Such a nice departure from the super-dry springs we have had the past several seasons. I'm gonna enjoy it while I can, since I'm quite sure it is gonna get really hot, really quickly beginning in a couple weeks. For now though, I'm basking in the spring rains and glorious flowers of the season.


sandy lawrence said...

Just picture postcard perfect! Great balance, too. Do you maintain that by pulling out a lot of the pink primroses? Mine are trying to take over everything, and I'm considering pulling most of them up this year. Last year, I pulled out 2/3 of them, but they are back more than ever!

Lee17 said...


I do pull some of them, usually they come out with the chickweed when I'm pulling up that.Mostly, I just kinda let nature take it's course, though. They always die back by the time it's 100 degrees in June anyway.