Thursday, March 8, 2012

First hummingbird of 2012!

Just a garden note that I spied the first hummingbird of the 2012 season yesterday. I was out pulling weeds when I heard the buzzing of a hummer. Turning quickly around, I saw a hummer working over the firecracker fern hanging in a pot on the porch. He saw me and flew off all post-hasty like. I didn't get a super close look, but I think it was a ruby-throat. I figured they would show up any day since the salvia have begun to bloom all around the garden. I'll try and snap a photo this week of him, but I dropped my good camera a couple weeks ago and broke it all to bits. *sadface* I'm on an old back-up camera for now and it's a bit slow.

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hilary said...

I'm in the Waco area and have been anxiously awaiting my little garden buddies. They make the garden sing while I'm working away. We're so busy right now planting every available space.