Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crossvine fabulousness

The crossvine just looks amazing this Spring. It has managed to wrap itself around either side of the housing eves, which I keep in bounds by trimming, and is just loaded with blooms!

Just look at this:

It took it about 4 years to attain this size:

I really like the way it cascades down the corner of the house, softening the harsh brick edges:

You can see it up and behind the eve's necklace tree here:

and behind the redbud on the other side. The pink redbud blooms seem to pop out at you in from of the yellow-orangy crossvine flowers:

When I originally planted this vine, I thought it was the tangerine variety, but it turned out to be the native instead. I'm totally ok with that now, as the tangerine beauty one is so ubiquitous anymore. I don't see this native one around much at all.


Lancashire rose said...

I love the way the vine has draped itself along the eaves. very clever. I have never seen that color-only tangerine beauty. Even the one at the Wildflower Center is more orange than yours. I must ask them about the native one. Where did you get it?

Lee17 said...

I got it at Lowes of all places. It was marked 'tangerine beauty' but clearly it is not.