Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gulf Coast Penstemon and Columbine

Gulf Coast Penstemon and Yellow Columbine. These two are like peas and carrots - great alone but spectacular together. In the Spring the skinny and narrow side garden is where the big show is at:

I started with just one plant of each several years ago and they have reseeded themselves all over the side garden:

This side garden is on the East side of the house. Perfect for both the columbine and gulf coast penstemon whom prefer morning sun and afternoon shade:



Looking down through the garden gate, you will notice the pomegranate is in bloom:

This was supposed to be pomegranate 'wonderful' but I now believe it is a double flowering pomegranate. The blooms are beautiful, but extra fluffy and the bees don't seem able to pollinate them. This tree has never produced pomegranates for me. So last year I bought a second pom tree 'Amy'. Hopefully that one will fruit. Never-the-less, the flowers are still gorgeous:


Also, just through the garden gate is 'Duchess of Albany' clematis. It isn't in bloom yet, but I am really excited about how vigorous it is this year. It was newly planted last year, and barely eeked out a living during the terrible drought, but this year it is climbing like gangbusters up the garden arch:

I can't hardly wait until it blooms:

On the fence behind the arch I spied a garden visitor. Hello Mr. Anole!:

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Gen said...

Wow that is a beautiful combination ! I am blown away by those yellow columbines! Not sure if they would like our heat and humidity, but I would sure like to try some of those!