Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anacacho Orchid Tree

The Orchid tree is in full bloom today and the entire yard smells like one giant orchid. I love it!:

The best thing about this tree is that I almost never have to water it. I did give it a few drinks last year and that was it. It takes the droughty conditions like a champ and rewards me with this outstanding show of white flowers every spring and also a smaller show in the fall if it rains:

Pink Primrose grow unabated under the airy branches:

A closer look at the white orchid blooms. I would rather have this gorgeous tree than a boring, ugly lollipop bradford pear tree any day of the week. There is simply no comparison in my book:

An added bonus is that the hummingbirds adore the flowers of this tree. They fight wars over it. I currently have at least 3 of them fighting over rights to this orchid tree in the garden. Just yesterday I even witnessed a hummingbird go after a finch to get him out of the tree! He chased him out and using his beak, repetitively stabbed the poor finch until the finch flew off. To the victor go the spoils.

As the flowers age, the petals gently float to the ground creating a white carpet that almost looks like a soft blanket of snow in spring:

Best. Tree. Ever.

Quick update: Here are a few more photos I took today while the sun was out. I think they really show off the gorgeousness of the clustered white flowers:

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Lancashire rose said...

It's a real beauty. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tree.