Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Gardening Frenzy

I went into a gardening frenzy on Saturday. It was sunny, I had been locked in the house with the sick kid all last week, and I needed to get out. So, I went to 2 different nurseries and bought a bunch of new plants.

-Jerusalem Sage
-Russian Sage
-Yellow Bells (to replace one I lost over the winter - or so I thought - when I went to dig out the dead one - which I JUST checked on Friday and NO leaves were evident anywhere - I will be darned if there wasn't new leaves poking up from through the ground. Oh well, I guess I will put my new one in a pot or something)
-Heartleaf Skullcap
-Gulf Coast Penstemon (for that soggy, poorly drained spot by the air conditioning unit)
-Spanish Lavender (To replace one I lost in the deluge that was last spring)
-Gaillardia or Blanketflower
-Black-Eyed Susan
-Pigeonberry (I am making a bed of these behind the orchid tree)
-Several small pots of pink skullcap (because they were only 2.96 a piece!)
-Several small pots of Pink Guara (again because they were only 2.96 a piece)
-A Weeping Yaupon Holly (This is my big score of the day)

Here is an image of some of the items:

And the Weeping Yaupon Holly:

The new bed I dug for the Gaura. There are also a couple of baby Rock Rose I moved into this bed as well:

This is an image of one of the Spanish Lavender in the front bed. I lost it's companion last year in all the rain we had (as a side note, the bees simply MOB this plant):

And here are some images of a couple things blooming in my garden this weekend.

Golden Leadball tree. Note the bamboo sticks that once were used to prop up the tree - they no longer prop up the tree, but do serve a purpose as a perching spot for the occasional Ladderback woodbeckers who seem to enjoy trying to make a lunch out of any insects that reside in the bamboo posts:

Plains Prickly Pear. This is a terrific plant to keep the neighbor kids from traipsing through my front flower bed - vicious spines this one has!:

Then, there is this tiny little morning glory-type plant that came up in my flower bed. Anyone know what it is? The bloom is really dime-size small. I like it, whatever it may be, so I am going to leave it right where it is:

Ok, so it turns out that this is Convolvulus equitans Benth.
Bindweed, or Texas Bindweed (according to the Wildflower center)and is a non-aggressive annual that grows to 3 to 6 feet. Well, I like it, so it is staying ;)

And off I go to dig a new bed for the skullcap I purchased yesterday...they are going in front of the Sago palms:


Anonymous said...

Be careful w/the Pidgeonberry. I planted 1 plant 3 yrs. ago and it's more invasive than mint. The roots go to China and it's way too prolific. It doesn't play nice and I can't get rid of it w/out chemicals which isn't an option. Hilary in China Spring

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wow Sago Palms are house plants in my part of the world. They look beautiful lined up by your house.

Lee17 said...

Pidgeonberry is that invasive? Wow. I will have to keep an eye on it. Good thing I am putting it in an area it can spread.

Lee17 said...


Sagos are cool aren't they? I like them because they look all prehistoric ;)