Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hawk Moths and Wildflowers

I finally caught an image of one of the Hawk Moths that has been zooming about my yard. This guy was feeding at one of the purple salvia greggi in my wilderness area of the yard. He was so busy with the flowers, has wasn't paying me any attention at all.

Hawk Moth (A Striped Morning Sphinx, I believe):

This is my wilderness area:

I dug out all the bermuda grass on the west side strip of the house and planted native and adapted plants in its place. Near the back of this image, you can see the desert willow starting to leaf out and near the front, the Granny Smith apple tree that should start leafing out any day now. I love this little section of the yard. It attracts all kinds of birds - just this morning I saw a yellow-rumped warbler hanging out in the apple tree.

An Image of the Damianita that takes a beating from the sun in the summer, but doesn't seem to mind it in the least - it just keeps on blooming throughout it all. One of the best flowering plants I can find for that 'Hell Strip' by the sidewalk.

Here are the Columbines and the Texas Betony that the hummingbirds LOVE:

A closer shot of the Texas Betony:

And the Cedar Sage is just starting to bloom. I really love this plant. The red is really quite intense and I think this is THE favorite flower for the hummingbirds in the spring in my garden:


Pam/Digging said...

Nice shot of the hawk moth---and they aren't easy to photograph. I have the same natives blooming as you, with the exception of the cedar sage. I haven't seen any hummers yet though. Have you?

GardenJoy4Me said...

What a shot of that Hawk Moth !
I love your description of "Hell Strip" ... I think I will use that for my naughty spaces too ! LOL
It is wonderful to see wildlife come back time and time again.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

They are so hard to photograph, great job. I was so excited last year when I finally got pictures of the clearwing moth.

dig this chick said...

Snow may be pretty but oh to have COLUMBINES right now.

Lee17 said...


Yes, actually we have at least three hummers buzzing about - 2 blackchinned and one ruby-throat. They arrived the second week of march.

Lee17 said...


Thanks! My camera is slow so it is a miracle I get pics of anything that moves quickly!

Lee17 said...

Robin's Nesting Place,

Oh! A clearwing moth! Those are even harder to photograph - they almost NEVER stop moving.

Lee17 said...

dig this chick,

The columbines are pretty, they are one of my very favorite flowers. I really miss the blue ones I could have up north.