Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Alien Pods and Abutilon

I was feeling mopey about not being able to attend Spring Fling, so I went out and bought myself a consolation prize. I purchased an Abutilon 'Little Red Bells'. I put it in a pot in the shade of my entryway. I love Maple trees, but obviously those are out of the question down here, and Abutilon have leaves that look pretty similiar to maple leaves - even though Abutilon are really in the Mallow family.


Then I was out browsing at the local nursery, and just as I was walking out with nothing (yes, nothing, I was browsing remember?) I spotted a Texas Scarlet Flowering Quince, and I HAD to have it. I am so weak. Here it is (isn't it pretty?):

And more new things are blooming in my garden today. My new Texas Persimmon tree has some nifty blooms on it. They are really tiny and I swear that they look just like little alien pods:

This one has apparently already birthed its contents. I expect to see some really tiny martians running about my garden this summer:

The Granny Smith apple tree also just started blooming today:

And the Bicolor Iris also has its first bloom:

Too bad these Iris flowers only last a single day - they would be really pretty in flower arrangements.


chey said...

Beautiful blooms! Thanks for sharing!
Hopefully none were alien pods:).

Diana said...

I love your quince - arent' they just amazing with those delicate flowers and the spiky branches? I've never had an Abutilon, so I'll have to watch yours grow, but I am planting a Japanese maple. I'll have to report on how that goes. And your pods do look like aliens! I never thought about it that way.

Lori said...

Wow, you can actually browse a nursery?!! I am completely incapable of browsing. In fact, I have to take cash with me because I know I'll spend every friggin' dollar I bring along and I fear the day I forget and have a credit card on me (no kidding-- I am powerless before the $1.99 pots of just-try-it).

Your abutilon looks like one of two kinds I know to be evergreen in Austin.

Lee17 said...

chey - Thanks! No aliens so far ;)

Lee17 said...


I would love to know how your Japanese Maple does - I will have to follow along with you on that.

Lee17 said...


Sometimes I am capable of browsing - but not often ;)I almost always leave with something.