Friday, April 4, 2008

Hail! and a couple flowers...

It was storming this morning and dropped 1/2" to 3/4" sized hail all over my garden, pelting the plants and knocking their flowers off. It was still kinda dark out, so I couldn't get a wide view image, but here are some close-ups of the hail:

Thank goodness the hail didn't get any bigger than that. I don't want holes in my windows. Small hail is kinda exciting, large hail...not so much.

And to switch the topic to new flower blooms, yesterday the Pomegranate got its first bloom of the season. I love this Pomegranate tree - It thrives on neglect - I never water it and it grows like crazy. I only trim up the suckers at its base every once in a while. I just let it do its thing and it rewards me with these beautiful blooms all season long:

The Mexican Petunia also just started flowering. I have this planted around the pomegranate - this plant spreads like mad, but I really like the flowers so I just try and pull out the ones that spread where I don't want them:


GardenJoy4Me said...

Those are pretty flowers. The hail can be a scary thing. We had large hail the 22nd of June last year .. I thought our windows would break from the noise of it all. My garden was shredded .. almost like staring all over again after that damage.

hanako! said...

Did it seriously hail this morning? I must have slept through that!

Back when I lived in San Marcos we got that hail storm that pretty much wiped out the entire parking lot of the outlet malls and the car dealerships across the street. I probably slept through that one, too.

vertie said...

Good idea to get a photo of the hail with the ruler. Looks like an architect's scale to me. You must be planning something!

Lee17 said...


Oooh...large hail IS scary. Thankfully we haven't had anything bigger than quarter-size hail since I have been in this house - although last year they had baseball size hail a couple miles down the road from us. Talk about a close call!

Lee17 said...


Yes! Hail! I remember that storm in San Marcos...Scary stuff!

Lee17 said...


I am always planning something - More plants, less grass!