Monday, April 14, 2008

Bloom Day - April 15th

There is much going on in my garden, so here we go:

Here is my Anacacho Orchid tree. This tree is a bird MAGNET - hummingbirds, finches, sparrows, cardinal, etc, etc. The finches and sparrows like to torture me by eating all the blooms off before they open. Luckily, it gets so many blooms, it is hard for the birds to do a large amount of damage. It is difficult to get a good image of the tree and get the whole thing in the picture, but here is my best shot:

It is fully abuzz with honeybees. If you stand near the tree all you hear is the drone of honey bees as they go about their work. Here is an up-close image:

And another image:

The Rock Rose started blooming the other day:

The native Lantana too:

The Cedar Sage (a hummingbird favorite in my garden):

Blackfoot Daisy:

Golden Leadball tree (who thought up the name for this tree anyway?):

Coral Nymph salvia that I just purchased (I hope this one seeds itself all over the general area):

And check out this moth I found on the trunk of my Texas Ash tree. He is at least 3 inches long - this guy is HUGE. I believe he is a Waved Sphinx Moth. The image doesn't really show how big he is:

Another image:

And here is my Fuschia 'Angel Earrings Snowfire' I have had it for a month now - longer than any other fuschia have survived for me, and not only is it not dead, it is THRIVING. UNbelievable. The true test comes in the next couple of months - we shall see if it truly is 'Texas tough' as the tag promised.

Hot Lips Salvia with Mexican Bird of Paradise in the background:

And a late entry into the Bloom Day post belongs to the Passionflower 'Passifloraceae incarnata':


Pam/Digging said...

Your orchid tree is stunning. I have a smaller specimen in my garden, and while I haven't noticed it attracting birds, the bees love it.

I'm envious that you have a place for a golden leadball tree. Post frequent photos, please!

Rachel said...

I love your anacacho orchid and your fuschia! I'm most envious. I hope your fuschia continues to thrive.

Rachel @ in bloom

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

Now I really want an anacacho orchid tree. Yours is the fullest one I've ever seen...usually they look a bit spindly. I love the flower and odd leaves, though.

Ralph said...

Strange plants you have there i Texas.

Carol said...

I love that orchid tree and was happy I got to see a few up close and in person when I went to Austin for the spring fling.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Lee17 said...


Thanks! The orchid tree just seems to love it in that particular spot. I have baby ones sprouting up everywhere! And I will have to post some more pictures of the Golden leadball tree - it is so nifty.

Lee17 said...


I hope the fuschia thrives too. I will have to post updates on it as the hot season progresses.

Lee17 said...


I love the branches of the orchid tree - they tend to be all twisty and such. And the smell of the flowers when the tree is in full bloom is intoxicating!

Lee17 said...


Yes, we do have odd plants don't we? I mean, what is up with naming a plant 'Golden leadball tree' anyway :)

Lee17 said...


When I first moved to Austin and took a trip to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower center, I saw an anacacho orchid tree and instantly knew I must acquire one immediately. It was the very first tree I planted in my yard and was the beginning of my garden :)