Saturday, October 6, 2012

Very Small Melons

My attempt at growing melons in the northwest resulted in croquet ball size melons. Hey, at least they actually ripened! I planted muskmelon seeds since I read muskmelon are supposed to grow up here, but didn't get them in the ground until mid-late may and then they didn't even sprout until sometime in June. On top of that the nasturtiums pretty much ate the garden and enveloped the muskmelon plants. Nevertheless, the melons made an effort to grow and set several melons. Here are some I picked this morning:

These are definitely NOT the ginormous voluptuous melons I was able to grow in Austin, but as a first attempt, I think I did alright. Next time I'm going to try the 'Northern Arizona' heirloom seeds that I saved as those are supposed to be short season melons. And I'll start them inside first.

Regardless of their size, they do taste good! So I call that a win:

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