Friday, October 12, 2012

Estate Sale Planter Finds

As I was on my way home from an errand today I spied a sign advertising an Estate Sale. 'Well that sounds fun!' I thought to myself. I'll go have a gander, might see something nifty.

The sale happened to be right around the corner from the house, so it was easy to stop in for a quick look. The road was lined with cars and all manner of people were marching up the long driveway to see what was for sale. We parked a ways down the road and had to walk a little ways it was so busy. Did I mention it was only 9:30 in the morning? Geesh! And people were already hauling out all types of stuff - end tables, furniture, tools, crab pots, dishes. It made me a little sad, actually. All these things were treasured items that once belonged to someone who has now passed. It was a little like watching vultures feasting.

The first thing I noticed was that the property was very pretty and landscaped, with hanging baskets everywhere, and yes, even those were for sale. These were plant people. They even had a greenhouse out back. I bet they have planters, I'm thinking to myself! I hope they aren't already gone.

Walking into the house, the sale already looked fairly picked over even though it was still early, but as I walked out on the back deck, what did I spy? Planters! Nifty planters. A giant heavy planter full of chicks and hens, a gorgeous blue planter full of begonia and a heavy bunny planter. The blue pot didn't have a tag, but I asked and they told me that, yes, it was for sale.

These all became mine for the fabulous price of a little over 20 buckaroonies. I am particularly fond of the bunny pot. This is a hefty, good sized pot and I'm thinking some lambs ear would look spectacular in it come spring:


This ginormous pot is tremendously heavy. I do think the dirt inside is fairly heavy, but the pot itself seems pretty sturdy. I really like the way it is aged from sitting outdoors for years:

AND it came with a super collection of chicks and hens:

The blue pot has some nifty leaves scored into it:

And look, it came complete with these gorgeous begonia:
I left the sale, planter prizes packed into the back of the car, imagining they were once loved pieces of that garden. They are leaving their beautiful garden behind, but have wonderful new homes in mine where they will be treasured once more.


Anonymous said...

Those are so cool! Lucky you. It's also nice to know that the plants that came with those pots have another caring gardener to care for them.--Someone else might have just dumped them. Laura

Lee17 said...

Thanks! The plants and pots are definitely in good care. It's always fun to give old treasured items new life. :)