Monday, October 8, 2012


What to do with many pounds of stupidly large cucumbers? And piles of jalapenos? Pickle them!

Here's the cucumbers being prepped for pickling. Many of these were a good foot long and the seeds were too large to eat. I decided to scoop the insides out and slice them up to fit in the jars:

I found this recipe and went with it. It made 14 pints and they came out great! Aren't they pretty?:

Next were the jalapenos. The jalapeno plant had so many peppers on it that it actually collapsed from the weight. I had to do something with all the peppers:

They were pickled as well. I used this pickled jalapenos recipe. It was really easy and they also came out just wonderful. One jalapeno plant yielded 8 pints of pickled peppers (not counting the piles of them I already ate).:


All together now:


Lancashire rose said...

That is one heck of a lot of pickles! You will be able to think of the success you had with these crops every time you take a bite.

Lee17 said...

It is a lot of pickles. And I didn't even get all the cucumbers pickled up. I had so many they were coming out my ears!