Monday, October 15, 2012

Bloom Day October 15, 2012

It's October Bloom day and in true Pacific Northwest fashion, it is pouring and windy outside today. Fall has finally arrived and it's storming in like a pissed off mountain lion.

Even though it's nasty outside, I still have lots of flowers in bloom, but I'm sticking to the ones potted up on my deck so I don't have to get drenched to take photos.

The begonias are looking fabulous. The dragon wing begonia I brought with me from Austin really love the maritime climate and are just gorgeous:


I also now am able to grow tuberous begonia and they are looking spectacular:

Some yellow ones:

More yellow:

Some pink ones:

Another plant I'm so glad to be able to successfully grow again are fuchsia and they love this weather:

Here's the one that had a zombie revival from what I thought was a dead for sure after a million degree summer but came back in winter in Austin and traveled to the PNW with me to live a glorious new life:

Also brought from Austin and loving the maritime climate more that I ever dreamed it would is firecracker fern. It's blooming crazy right now and still attracting Anna's hummers even in mid October:

I'll be moving this to the pop-up greenhouse shortly, but am leaving it out as long as possible since the hummers enjoy it so very much:

Another one that really has been doing well that was a surprise to me is the Kangaroo Paw. It keeps blooming away:

The geraniums are still blooming beautifully. A pink one planted with fuchsia:

A purplish ivy geranium:

A bright red one:

The purple dahlia is still blooming:

As is the purple-stripey petunia that seeded iteself into the garden that I dug up and put in a pot so I could see it up close every morning:

The guara keeps on blooming. I like this one because it reminds me of Austin *smile*:

And I shall close out this bloom day post with the labuffarosa rain lilies that just keep on keepin' on. I had no idea they would love it so much up here:

Happy Bloom day everyone!

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