Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sale pots!

It's my lucky week! I picked up some groovy planters the other day at an estate sale that I just love and today I discovered pots 50 percent off at a local store. Half off!! It's like christmas time. So of course I had to run straight over there this morning to pick up a bunch of them. Not only were they half off, but they had lots of blue pots which I just love.

I've always loved blue and fell in love with the blue pots I would see all over Austin while living there. I had a pretty nice collection of cobalt blue pots down there but sadly had to leave some of the larger ones behind. I'm now on a mission to replace them.

Here's the smaller and medium ones I picked up. Some are brown and black as well as blue:

And these are the big blue ones. I am completely and totally in love with that super giant blue one. I plopped my abutilon right into that beauty:

I snagged the last giant blue pot, but may need to go back for more medium/small ones. For the love of pots! I need more!


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