Monday, February 15, 2010

Bloom Day - February 15th, 2010

So, it has been a pretty chilly winter in Austin this year. Most of my flowers are still sleeping, but I have a few beginning to wake.

Here is the big show (or very nearly the only show, more appropriately) in my garden right now - Texas Quince:

And there are a few narcissus beginning to bloom:


Texas Star:

Old reliable Coral Honeysuckle is just starting to break into bloom signaling that Spring is just around the corner:

And the first crocus is just opening up:

Happy Bloom Day everyone!


Teresa said...

Looking good! That is a bunch more signs of spring than I have so I am impressed.

NellJean said...

When I landed on your blog, I started scrolling and thought, 'Something's wrong with this picture!' Sure enough I was back in October. This is the February I expected. The first daffodils are always so precious: you know it is the beginning of something big. Happy Bloom day.