Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It started when I awoke this morning around 6:15am - sleet pelting hard against the windows. By 8:00 am it was coming down in ginormous flakes, covering the garden in a quiet, soft, white blanket.

This is a medium size snowflake to give you an idea how large the flakes were! The snow is awfully wet and heavy.

So far there is a tad over 2 inches on the ground and it is still snowing lightly:

Front yard:

Back yard:

Side yard:

Out the side window:

Garden Lamp:

The birds are busy at the feeder today:


Closer. I love the way the soft snow is piled up inside the super-spikey agave:

All signs of spring I previously posted about are hiding under the snow now.

Scarlet Quince:

Weeping holly:

Texas Ash tree:


Glads and Tulips:

More tulips:

Hopefully the snow will protect these blooms from the expected hard freeze tonight:

Muhly Grass:

And look an the old coneflower seedheads. They look like little frozen lollipops:

OK, I'm gonna go roll around in the snow now....because it is FUN!

So we ended up with around 2 1/2" of snow. It snowed all day. I could not believe it. Usually, if we are lucky enough to see snow fall and stick around here, it falls at night and melts by noon. Today it started early in the morning and snowed all day. I have only lived here for around 8 years, but I don't ever remember seeing anything like this. A real snowfall in Central Texas! Awesome. I guess I can finally use that snow-ice cream recipe of mine!


sweet bay said...

That's a lot of snow for your area! I love the shot of the Agave. That's beautiful. Love the frozen lollipops too.

Lee17 said...

Thanks! The snow was such a treat! How often do we get that around here? So fun!