Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little bit of ice

Here in Austin, we were on the southern tip of the ice storm that has encased half the country in the frozen precipitation. I awoke to temps in upper 20's and a little bit of ice in the yard. Not too much - just enough to make things sparkly in the bright morning light. Oh - and cause the schools to start 2 hours late, so the kid has proclaimed today "The best day EVER!".

The poppies are squashed down in a thin layer of ice:

Palm tree:

The fence is quite shiny:

A thin layer of ice coats the trees:

Tiny icicles hang from the eaves:

The birdhouse (which I filled with seed right after I took this photo):

And now it is all melting away as the sun warms the garden.....


Lancashire rose said...

Your icy post doesn't bode well for my garden. I wonder how much damage will be waiting for me today!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Lee, thanks for stopping by Robin's Nesting Place and leaving your comment. I hope your garden didn't suffer too much from the ice.