Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finding Rare Seed Sources

I, for some reason, am always wanting to buy seeds that are almost never offered. I suppose because I really love the native plants and refuse to dig them from the wild or even collect seed from them if it is something on the decline. As a result, I spend quite a bit of time searching the internet for said rare seeds.

Today I wanted to give a shout-out to Oregon's Horizon Herbs. They have a ginormous collection of plant and herb seeds, including some that have been near impossible for me to find. They have seeds for the Montana Bitterroot which I have been looking eons for. It was my mother's most favorite flower on the planet and I have always wanted to have one - so now I at least can purchase seeds to try and grow it! They also have seeds for the Lady-Slipper Orchid - another one I thought I would NEVER find seed for. I am just so ecstatic to find a source of seed for these things!

I even looked up the vendor on Dave's Garden and Horizon Herbs has nothing but rave reviews posted. Oh happy day! My long search is over.


Lancashire rose said...

Are you sure that these plants will like living here?

Lee17 said...

Lancashire Rose,

I was just going to try growing the bitterroot in a pot. It likes dry, gravelly soil and is found from British Columbia to Arizona. It is part of the purslane family. I think I can get it to grow here.

The Lady Slipper Orchid - now those are tough - they are very particular (I had some pink ones as a kid growing in the wooded area of our backyard that I got from Eastern Washington). The one they offer is native to the east and midwest and would prefer shade, moist soil, and will grow on limestone outcroppings. (I would bet it would prefer a stream-like setting.) I might get it to grow if I meet those requirements - but it is really all about the challenge, you know!

Bob said...

Challenge is good. I usually lose, but it's always fun trying.

The plant I've looked for and wanted for years is a Texas Musk flower. Blood red blooms and blooms all summer. But unlike you, I have no qualms about gathering seed or digging it up. I know, I know, I'm a selfish bastard. But the challenge.

Lee17 said...


Yes! I love me a challenge, and like you, I don't always win, but if I do, it is so triumphant!

I wish you much luck in the search for the Texas Musk flower (Nyctaginia capitata - correct?) - I looked it up, it is very pretty! no wonder you want one ;)