Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 - yearly weather report

Just a weather note for the end of 2008. We ended up with a sparse 16.07 inches of rain this year in Central Texas - which rates in the record books as the 4th driest since record keeping began and is the driest it has been in 52 years. My garden certainly showed it. I planted new perennials in the spring and they never grew. Still the plants sit as if I put them in the ground yesterday. I should be thankful they survived - it was all I could do to keep them alive. Thank goodness my garden is drought tolerant - it didn't grow much, but at least most things stuggled through.
Here's to hoping for a much wetter 2009!


Pam/Digging said...

That is the key to gardening with drought-tolerant plants: recognizing that while they may not grow or look their best during periods of drought, at least they'll survive, unlike thirstier plants.

The drought in 2008 was dreadful. Here's to plentiful rain in 2009!

Lee17 said...


Yep. I am really glad I planted drought-tolerant plants. They didn't grow, but they didn't die either. They are just biding their time, waiting for a good rain!