Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fall Colors etc...

As I originally hail from the Great Northwest, I still find it odd that the trees don't change colors until December in Austin. Shouldn't the trees be bare of leaves by now? How strange. But now it is December and the foliage has begun to turn colors for the season.

The pomegranate turns a beautiful yellow. I think the lavendar planted beneath it provides a nice contrast:

Eves Necklace with silver ponyfoot beneath:

Flameleaf Sumac. As the season progresses this shrubby little tree turns fire-red:

The Tropical Milkweed was still blooming until Friday night when the first freeze got it:

Monarch Caterpillar on milkweed:

And another:

The aloe was just about to bloom and then it froze Friday night causing the bloom to freeze. Rats.

And if you didn't get to check it out last week, here is a photo of the Triple Conjunction on Dec 1st of the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus. On the bottom left is Venus and in the upper right is Jupiter. Pretty nifty.

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