Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bloom day Nov. 15th

So here is what I have blooming this November:

Copper Canyon Daisy. These are usually bigger and more floriferous, but it has been super dry this year and I feel lucky to have any blooms on these at all:


Orange Cosmos and a monarch butterfly:

The aloe has sent up a flower spike! I'll be darned. I will have to cover this over the weekend with some frost cloth or something as it is supposed to freeze this Sunday night:

A little closer:

A hawk moth hiding in the cannas:

I have also been planting some bulbs that arrived this week from two of my favorite mail order places: The Southern Bulb Company and Old House Gardens. I bought some Spider Lilies, Southern Fall Crocus, and Byzantine Glads from the Southern bulb company:

I also bought some Daffodils 'Thalia', Hoop Petticoats, Southern Grape Hyacinth, and some Spanish Bluebells from Old House Gardens:

Both of these companies always package their bulbs with great care and the bulbs are always a nice size. Sometimes they even throw in extras for free! I can't wait until next spring when many of these bulbs I planted should start coming up.


Darla said...

Wow, you have some pretty blooms still. Can't wait to see your spring bulbs blooming. I planted a little over 70 bulbs myself.

ConsciousGardener said...

Looking forward to your spring garden...I'll have to check those venders out! Nice post!

Karla at The Garden Guide said...

Isn't it fun when your aloe blooms. The first time mine bloomed I was shocked since I didn't even know they bloomed! Happy bulb planting!

ualas vicente said...

eu add Ta vikend sem ob tem, ko sem na počitnicah za dva dneva imela nečaka Luko, izkoristila za božično-novoletni voščilnični finiš. :) Izdelala sem še nadaljnih 23 voščilnic, ki jih sedaj vse skupaj pokažem kar v tej temi.

getgrounded said...

I also bought some Byzantine Gladiolus from Southern Bulb Co. this year...but after I planted I found some holes in the dirt. I hope the squirrels didn't get my expensive bulbs! I want to check out the other company you mentioned, too. Nice pics!