Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sleet pics

Now, I realize that anyone that lives in a more Northerly climate will look at these photos and say to themselves 'What is the big deal here? There are only a few ice pellets on the ground. Those guys down in Austin are wimps!!' But, any type of frozen precipitation is kind of a big deal down here, so bear with me as I post pics of the sleet that fell in my yard last night...

It is in the 30's this morning with a North Wind blowing and the wind chill is at 26 degrees.

Sleet last night as the strong Northerly 30-35 mph winds blew the frozen pellets into my windows (I was shivering as I was snapping this photo, forgive me if it is a little blurry):

A blanket of sleet began to cover the lawn turning the backyard white:

And some pics from this morning. Some of the sleet melted since it was 81 degrees yesterday and the ground was still quite warm:


Cindy, My Corner of Katy said...

Bonnie, as I commented to Pam, earlier today we were actually colder than gardeners in Vermont and New York state. No sleet/snow here, just rain overnight and into the morning. We needed the moisture as I know y'all did, too. I hope it melts and soaks in soon!

Annie in Austin said...

We had enough on the car to make a Sleetman for Twitter but he didn't last long, Lee17.

We had frost again Thursday morning- guess you did, too?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose