Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bloom day - Dec 15th...a day late

It is chilly outside this morning! The temps were in the 20's last night and it is only supposed to be in the 30's today. The wind chill is currently in the teens - Brrr!! I do have a few items still a-bloomin' even though it is mighty chilly outside:

Abutilon. This is in my sheltered entryway on the South side of the house:

Skullcap. Also on the south side of the house sheltered from the chilly winter winds. I get a whole extra Zone of warmth on the south side. It is where the Meyer Lemon also lives.

I think I will move on to Fall colors at this point, since I don't have much else with photo-worthy blooms. Here is the Prairie Flame Leaf Sumac looking all red and majestic:

A little closer:

I was picking the scarlet runner beans the other day to save for next year's planting. I love their purple-spotted beans:

And here is what each of my fountains looked like this morning all covered in ice:

The birds were slippin' and slidin' on the lip of the lion fountain trying to get a drink. They flew off when I tried to snap of photo, but here is the fountain anyhow:

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