Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kersplat went the Jalapeno Plant

As noted in previous posts it has been warmer and drier than usual this summer up here and this weather has been super-splendiferous for the peppers. Yesterday I was providing the garden with a good watering and from the deck I heard a 'craaack' and a 'splat'. Uh-ohs.

I quickly made my way through the jungle that is the garden and came upon this:

The jalapeno plant was overloaded with peppers and the water just made it heavier and it split all apart. *sadface* This is really partially my fault as I should have had it staked more efficiently. I guess I'll be making a pile of pickled jalapenos.

Anyone out there have any good ideas on what else to do with bunches of jalapenos? :)

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