Saturday, September 5, 2009

Holy Cow! Big Rain!

It rained yesterday! Hard! I think that's the most rain we have had in months and months! My plants are sucking it up and I even have some flowers today as a result.

The Butterfly Bush is flowering:

The Texas Sage is full of blooms:

Red coreopsis:


Butterfly garden:

And see that big tall white flower thing in the back of the butterfly garden? That came up by itself. I am quite sure it is a weed, but I like it so it's staying. A weed is just an unloved flower anyway. Plus, the bees and butterflies seem to really like it. Anyone know what kind of flower(weed) this is?:

The Oxblood lilies are poking up through the earth:

And here's my Costa Rican pepper plant I grew in a pot from seed. It's beginning to ripen:


sweet bay said...

Your flowers look very happy and beautiful after the rain! Your mystery plant is Snow on the Mountain (Euphorbia marginata), a native wildflower of Texas.

Pam/Digging said...

I love your red coreopsis. Yea for rain! We got a little too.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Bay gave you the 'proper' name for your mystery plant but the ranchers call it 'milk weed'. It has a milky substance that damages cattle's skin.

Lancashire rose said...

Yours is the first Euphorbia marginata (variegata) that I have seen this year. Usually it grows up and down our road but of course nothing is growing there this year.

Lee17 said...

Sweet bay,

Thank you for identifiying my mystery Plant! "Snow on the Mountain" - very appropriate ;)

Lee17 said...


Thanks! And rain is always cause for celebration :)

Lee17 said...


Thanks for that tip! I read up on the plant and it seems that if one is allergic to latex the reaction can be pretty severe - so I better not touch the milky sap!

Lee17 said...

Lancashire rose,

Yeah, I have noticed a few of these in the fields around my house, but they are much smaller than the one that came up in my butterfly garden. I guess it liked the little bit of extra water the garden gets.