Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bloom Day - September 15, 2009

Mother nature dropped a much needed torrent of rain on us in Central Texas a few days ago. Thanks to the BIG drink, my flowers are coming back to life just in time for Bloom day. Wheeee!!

Pride of Barbados:


Hyacinth Bean:

Pigeon Berry:

Yellow Bells:


Brazilian Petunia:

Cuphea and Snow on the Mountain:

Chocolate flower (this ones smells like choclate - yum!):

Texas Bluebells - these are still going strong. Best. Flower. Ever.:

Mexican Bush sage and Rock Rose:

Barometer Bush and Rock Rose:

Butterfly Bush:

Blue Mistflower:

Mountain Sage:


Coral Nymph Salvia and Sweet Potato Vine:

Last Oxbloods:

Yellow Rainlily:

Blackfoot Daisy -I thought this one was dead - guess not! Thanks to the rains it has put on new growth:

Obedient Plant:


Wrights Skullcap - Another one I thought was dead, but it has made a comeback:

Pink Skullcap and Frogruit:

Scarlet Runner Bean - sadly, I only have 2 of the 12 plants left that I planted this spring. The drought murdered the rest:

Thai Bush Beans:

Chili Pequin:

Turks cap:

Shrimp Plant:


Tropical Sage (a hummingbird favorite):


Iris said...

Wow! You've got tons of happy blooms--how great! My almost-dead blackfoot daisy recently bounced back, too. I love your combo of Mexican bush sage and rock rose!

Meredith/Great Stems said...

Very nice -- your garden looks great! You and I have many of the same plants, it seems. I'm not sure if I'm going to have a chance to do GBBD today-- even though lots are in bloom, I might have to stick with the old standby of one picture just to get something in. You can really get snow on the mountain to grow here? Does it spread at all?

sweet bay said...

Your garden does look like it's celebrating after the rains! So many flowers and they are lovely!

Hilery - Desert Greenhouse Guide said...

Your Mexican Bird of Paradise looks fantastic and SO healthy. I have one in the greenhouse that I started from a seed my grandmother saved for me and its about a foot tall. I can't wait for it to be big and beautiful like yours!!!

Lee17 said...


Thank you! I have many plants coming back from the dead lately.


Yes, you can get snow on the mountain to grow - my came up all on it's own :)

Sweet bay,

My garden is lovimg the rain :)


Yeah, the Mexican Bird of paradise is wonderful! So carefree and beautiful. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lee. I'm Nancy in Fort Worth. I always enjoy looking at your garden photos. They are wonderful!

I had a question about your Byzantine gladiolus. I wondered if you remembered where you ordered yours. Old House Gardens is sold out right now and I think The Southern Bulb company is also. Brent and Becky's Byzantine Glads may be a slightly different variety.

Thanks! Love your blog,

Lee17 said...

Hi Nancy, I ordered my byzantine glads from southernbulbs.com, but as you noted, I think they are out too. The ones at Brent and Beckys are NOT the same thing. The only 2 places I know to get them online are Old House Gardens and Southernbulb Company. Otherwise I have to go to the local nursery here in Austin "The Natural Gardener" to find them.