Monday, September 14, 2009

Animal Friendly Round-UP: Can you help my friend?

Hello everyone! I don't normally post pleas to find homes for animals, but I have a friend who has an animal advocate friend here in Austin that needs to find a home for his animals. This is her request for help below. If anyone can help find a home for these animals, it would be ever-so-appreciated:

Hi Everybody – a friend of mine is in a very difficult situation right now. He’s a rescuer, and animal advocate, and as such has quite a few dogs. However he’s now found himself in the extremely painful and difficult situation of having to give up his dogs either temporarily or permanently due to some extreme personal hardships. He actually has 7 dogs, but two are already covered. That leaves these five.

Please contact me '' if you can help or have any leads and I can get you in touch with Timothy. Here are his descriptions of his dogs and there are photos attached as well.

BAXTER: His pic is attached. I don't really know what kind of breed he is. Someone told me some kind of Mexican mix. I never have been concerned with my dogs as far as what breed they are; I was just happy to have them in my life. Baxter really gets along well with CELESTE and JOAQUIN and even ROCKY (mentioned below), so if someone has the space, they would be a good match. I have actually tried to find a home for BAXTER before and it has never worked out well, but I think it's because he went somewhere where he was by himself; I think he really needs a buddy. Don't we all !?!? ;)))

TOOTSIE: She is my black lab (looks like JOAQUIN whose photo is attached). She is the sweetest pup around. She is so laid back and never gives me trouble. Take note, other dogs ;))) She probably would do well if she were the only dog or maybe another. She stays so much to herself, it's hard to tell. I think she is about 8-9 years old. Really super girl!

JOAQUIN: My other black lab who is a male, as opposed to TOOTSIE, but does it really matter since they have all been fixed??? ;) His pic is attached. The thing about JOAQUIN is he is very protective of the pack and me, so meeting him here is never a good thing. But when JOAQUIN gets inside your heart, he won't be leaving anytime soon. Trust me on that one!!!

ROCKY: Oh, Rocky, my three-legged Rottweiller/Ridgeback mix. He has a sad story to tell, basically one where his previous family left him in the backyard with a broken leg. Can you believe? Rocky IS big (probably creeping just over 100 pounds), but he falls into the "such a sweetheart" category. And with winter approaching, you would have yourself a wonderful "cuddle, spooning buddy." ;))) I have two pics attached for rocky, labelled as so.

CELESTE: Celeste is my German Shepherd mix. Neighbors had her but she developed this horrible Staph infection that was eating at her bone that they refused to take her to the vet for. I did and paid for it and they in the end wanted me to take her, which I did. She's a bit stubborn and not the smartest dog in the punch, but many have been taken by her kindness and beautiful eyes.




Rocky again:


Tim and his Dogs:

Again, if you or someone you know can help, please contact Karen '' If you can help or have any leads, Karen can get you in touch with Timothy.

Thanks so much for your time everyone! - Lee17

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