Friday, October 17, 2008

Bloom day Oct 15th.....a few days late

So my bloom day post is a few days late. Better late than never. Here is the rundown:

Coneflower with flowering senna in the background:

Giant Swallowtail on coneflower:

and again:

Greggs blue mistflower is blooming and attracting Queen butterflies by the dozens:

Flame anisacanthus:

Mexican Bird of Paradise:

Hot Lips Salvia:

Golden Ball Lead tree:


Flowering Senna with a Sulpher butterfly Caterpillar. The flowering senna is a larval host to the Sulpher butterflies:

Turks Cap and Pipevine swallowtail:

Some red tropical salvia being visited by the last hummingbird hanging around:

Leaves on the Scarlet runner bean. Look how big these have gotten since the weather cooled off and we had some rain the other day:

The last of the sunflowers are attracting the Goldfinches:

And somebody keeps eating my tomotoes! Probably a raccoon as they seem to be nicely picked off the vine, then muched on.


Iris said...

Great blooming butterfly photos! I've got to get some Gregg's blue mistflower--do you think it's too late to plant a few near my winter veggies?

Lancashire rose said...

I love the photo of the Queen butterfly. I have just planted blue mist flower so will hope for the same.

Annie in Austin said...

I thought the 4 queens on our mistflower at one time was cool - wow, Lee17 - more than a dozen at once!
We grow some of the same plants, but your coneflowers and sunflowers are still blooming while mine are done for the year. What a long butterfly season you must have in your garden ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lori said...

Wow, I can't believe how many butterflies you have on your mistflower! I have a ton of mistflower, but the butterflies haven't found it yet. I wonder if maybe it's because they're growing and blooming in mostly shade?

My orange abutilon is finally blooming, too. I had 4 varieties, but only this one and "Marilyn's Choice," really came through the summer.

Lee17 said...


Sure you could plant some now! It is definately not too late for that. Just know that the greggs mistflower spreads like crazy!

Lee17 said...

Lancashire rose,

If you plant Greggs blue mistflower, they will come!

Lee17 said...


The reason my coneflowers are blooming now is because I cut them back in early september. I should have cut them back much earlier, but just couldn't find the time. The sunflowers just seem to keep blooming and blooming and blooming....

Lee17 said...


Most of my mistflower is in the sun. Maybe it makes a difference? Butterflies do like to warm themselves in the sun....

ConsciousGardener said...

Gregg's mistflower is such a sprawling leggy thing in my garden...but it never fails to bring on the butterflies! Great shots!