Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunshiny sameness.....blegh

The sun keeps on blazing down and every day is the same. I walk outside and see nuthin' but blue skies. *sigh* Is it too much to ask for a little rain? Or maybe even some clouds. I just would enjoy a little variation in the weather. This boring weather is really getting me down. I am tired of the blue skies and the heat. Enough is enough -I am gonna perform some rain dance or voodoo ritual or possibly a combination of both to cleanse the evil spirits from the atmosphere in order to produce some rain. I figure I will require a feather headdress, some turquoise, and possibly some chicken feet....

Anyhow, as a result I have not been too terribly enthusiastic about gardening lately. I did finally give in this week and start watering the hell strip out front. The hell strip contains some Copper canyon daises you see, and I fear they will not flower this year for lack of water.

Here are some rain lilies that flowered after I gave the front strip the water treatment:

I also gave in and watered the salvias as they were getting all crispy. They enjoyed the water too:

Other random garden tidbits....

I did recently purchase a Texas Mountain sage. It has some pretty good size blooms:

A few more oxblood blooming after they got in the way of the sprinkler:

The flowering senna is blooming:

I am still harvesting the cantaloupe "Northern Arizona":

The Gulf Muhly I put in this spring is starting to get purple plumes:

The stray cats keep insisting on sleeping in my mexican feather grass at night and have flattened it all out. I think I might try sticking wooden kabob skewers in the middle of the plants to deter them. I recently read somewherabouts that somebody did that with a great deal of success (darn cats!):

I fed the Meyer lemon some liquid seaweed and it started blooming crazy! Now my entryway smells of citrus blossoms, so that is nice:

An orbweaver decided to lay an egg case in my jalapeno pepper plant:

Here is the spider responsible:

And here is a green garden spider grabbing a quick lunch:

And that conludes this sunshiny (blah) posting.


nancybond said... seems a bit strange to hear you complain about so much sun, but I can actually understand how that would get to you in the same way that weeks of humidity and grey skies got to me this past summer. :) I hope you get some rain, or at least a bit of a change. Your garden certainly looks like it's' doing well, despite all your "lovely" weather.

Lori said...

Oh, I hear you. It's too bad that my rain dance/ voodoo ritual has so far consisted of laying on the couch and whining about the weather. ;)

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

My Mexican feather grass looks just like that. I wonder if it is the cats. Makes sense. They ripped apart my purple fountain grass one year.

Lee17 said...


Yeah, I come from the land of fog and mist. The sun gets me down after awhile.

Lee17 said...


I have been doing a lot of whining! Luckily we got some rain a little while back and my garden perked up a bit. But then, back to the sun....

Lee17 said...


Yes, darn cats! They also tore up one of my new gulf muhly plants. Grrrr....