Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bloom day - July 15th

Bloom day already? Jeez! Well, let's see what is surviving in my garden in this Austin,Texas heat (it was 105 degrees yesterday and 101 today!).

The west side garden strip is full of color. Butterfly bush, rock rose, salvia, Desert willow, and Texas sage. (sorry the picture is a bit blurry - it was breezy outside)

Rain lily:


A nasturtium hiding under the cantaloupe leaves:

Snapdragon Vine:

The fuschia 'Angels earring snowfire' is still hanging in there:




Turks cap - Hey Wait! That's not a flower!

Tahoka Daisy:

A riot of summer color (damianita, salvias, hyacinth bean, pride of barbados):

A baby Anole friend:


Bob said...

You really have a nice heat resistant garden and it shows. I like the Turk's cap monster, real sneaky.

Lori said...

Your xeriscape bed looks fabulous, as usual. :)

Meadowview Thymes said...

You've got lots of blooming things..and with our Texas heat too!
I am curious...you had a nasturtium. I didn't know we could grow them here. How did you do it?

Carol said...

I admire all you Austin gardeners. You are really having to do a lot to keep your gardens going through the extended heat wave, and yet you all have blooms!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day.
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Ralph said...

Pretty good for 100 degree weather

Lee17 said...


Thanks. Yeah I was gonna take a photo of the turk's cap and then noticed that guy peering at me from behind the blooms!

Lee17 said...


Thank you ;)

Lee17 said...

Meadowview thymes,

I planted the nasturtiums where they would get afternoon shade and as a bonus the cantaloupe leaves shaded them even further and they seemed to really like that!

Lee17 said...



It has been an oven all summer - I just water the backyard once in a while, but the front must fend for itself. This is where the native plants show how fabulous they are!

Lee17 said...



The native plants can really take the heat!