Saturday, August 25, 2012

Repotting Cacti is a Dangerous Business

I repotted a cacti I brought with me from Austin today that had outgrown its previous pot. It was obviously very pokey and I had to use some very thick gloves, but I successfully replanted it.

What did I replant it in you ask? While I was on vacation in Hot Springs, Montana this past week, I picked up a really nifty vintage mexican pot at a junk/antique shop. It is just so much more fun to use unique planters when I can find them. The cactus was replanted into this new to me planter:

The cool thing is that the cactus is a Trichocereus cacti and gets these pretty white flowers similiar to the flowers painted on the pot. Should be pretty keen when it blooms!

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Darla said...

You are a brave soul! Looks great.