Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Log Slice Path

I've been slacking on my posting lately, but with good reason. I have several garden projects in process right now. I just completed one of them. A log slice path:

I needed to build a path, but wanted to use something that was already available to me, i.e. free. I love free landscaping stuff. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love free stuff? Garden design does not need to be an expensive hobby. So I look around and what do I see? Logs, logs and more logs. Then I rememembered I saw a photo somewhere of a log slice path. Hey! I can make one of those. I've got enough logs to build a damn cabin. So I recruited a family member to start up the chainsaw and hack off about 30 or so slices o' log for me. I dug them in, made sure they were set in ground nice and firm, then mulched the whole enchilada. It turned out super-awesome.

Here's another shot including more of the flower bed:

I cleaned this bed all out and planted ferns, columbines, clematis, violets, sedum, chicks and hens, and a Japanese maple in this spot. It was, quite literally, filled with 4 feet of garbage and rocks from 20 years of yard refuse being thrown into a giant blackberry bramble. I pulled all that out to expose a couple of really cool large rocks that have clam fossils in them and some groovy old stumps. Who knew all that good stuff was in there?

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