Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why can't I just 'browse'?

I live just down the road from Hill Country Water gardens and last week I stopped in to just 'look around'. Why do I do that? I know I can't leave without something. Or...a gagillion somethings. That place is dangerous! It's even worse now that they have a ton of nursery stock, too. I tried. I really did. But alas, I couldn't walk away and I left with several purchases. Here are a just couple of the nifty plants I brought home:

Fan flowers! I LOVE these! They do great as long as you water them every day (sometimes twice a day) in the sultry summer heat (mine are right next to my porch to make watering easy):

And bi-color gazania. I saw these with their silvery foliage and they called out to me - 'buy me!, buy me!' - and so it was:

After leaving the Pond place, I stopped by Lowes to 'just pick up some potting soil, I swear that is all I need there'. Wrong. It's not my fault, though! They had nifty clearance stuff! And Fuschia! God help me, they had fushia!

Every year I simply HAVE to have a fuschia. They never grow into the ginormous gorgeous fuschias we had up in the Northwest in the summer, but I still have to have one. Even if they succumb to our hot humid summers by the end of June. I'm just torturing myself, I know. I just. Can't. Help myself. Fuschia:

And I got this Dwarf Puffball plant on clearance. I'm putting it in a pot and keeping it trimmed up to to keep it small. I've seen some amazing bonsai Puffball shrubs out there, so I figure it shouldn't be too difficult to keep it a manageable size:

And then I was perusing the Yucca Do Nursery site (see where this is going? I need help.) and found some neat cactus...which I ordered because I have no self control.

I then had to go to HEB to get some pots for them once they arrived in the mail and wouldn't ya know it? HEB was having a sale and I got 2 succulents for FREE! And, AND Yucca do sent me a free plant with my order (I love that about Yucca-do. They often throw in free stuff.) So 3 free plants! Yay!

Here they all are all potted up, two of the cacti will get white flowers and one red ones:

And then (yes, there's more), I found this keen nursery online - Brushwood Nursery - that sells all types of vines and they had the Clematis I have been looking for at a reasonable price. A 'Duchess of Albany' Clematis. Well, I had to order it. And when it arrived today, it was very lovingly packaged and arrived 2 days after they shipped it! The vine is in wonderful condition! Just look:

I will definitely order from these guys again!

Now I just need my bulbs to arrive from the various places I ordered them from and all will be right with the world. Well, until the next time I go 'browsing' in a plant nursery or online that is. *smile*


Roberta said...

Nice plants! I go out to The Natural Gardener "just to look" but will ALWAYS come back with something.

Marc O. said...

Yeah, I would say I'm the same way with the Natural Gardener, too. It's a good thing they are on the extreme opposite end of town from me.

Annie in Austin said...

Coming to your blog may be dangerous Lee17!
It's been awhile since my last trek up to HCWG (that's where we bought our birdbath fountain) - someone else also mentioned that they have more plants now.
Oh, my! Duchess of Albany - such a lovely flower, left behind in Illinois, growing on a rail fence with a hybrid musk roses. Am now ready to burst into tears thinking about my Illinois garden... should I thank you for the link to the Brushwood website or wish I hadn't clicked? Have fun with all the loot ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose