Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bluebonnets, Paintbrush, and Primrose, Oh My!

The bluebonnets are in full bloom in the garden this weekend. The show is not as spectacular as last year's but I have more prairie paintbrush blooming along with them this year, which makes for a nice show:

Bluebonnets, yellow and orange Paintbrush:

Orange Paintbrush:

The Primrose are also looking quite spectacular today:

And new this year are poppy anemone Mr. Fokker. I am completely in love with these and I want more of them! They look like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors before they open:

Upon opening, they are so velvety-soft looking:

Also new this year White Cemetary Iris:

The Eve's Necklace tree is humming with giant bumblebees that are apparently heavy enough to open up the strings of dangling flowers to get at the nectar upon landing on them. As a side note, this tree also creates perfect dappled shade to hang the fuschia under:


The Crossvine is also in full bloom and humming with honey bees as opposed to the giant bumblebees:


These double daffodils are blooming. I'm not sure what they are called, but they sure are pretty:

Under the Texas red oak that is puking pollen everywhere...

grow the Narcissus 'Thalia'. These have been wonderful for me coming back year after year surviving through baking heat and drought and our as of late unusual arctic winters:

Speaking of our unusually cold winter this year, I thought I had lost my Texas Mt. Sage, but I spotting leaves popping out of it just yesterday. Woo!:

Now excuse me while I go plant some new flowers in the garden and string up the Scarlet Runner beans. It's Spring in Central Texas and the garden calls!


Roberta said...

Primroses! Thank you. It was driving me crazy. I see them everywhere but didn't know what they were called.

Valerie said...

I do adore anemone flowers too. Year before last I rescued some that were to be tossed in the trash from my Husband's Grandmother when she thinned her garden. They bloomed their hearts out last spring and I'm excited to see how they've multiplied this year.

Conservatory Furniture said...

Adorable post.....
I like the captures of the all flowers.These flowers in the garden increase the grace and beauty of the garden.According to the patio and furniture these makes a beautiful combination.

Annie in Austin said...

That's a particularly beautiful color on the Mr Fokker anemones, Lee17! Maybe it's time to try anemones again? I'm also a Thalia fan. Happy Spring!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lancashire rose said...

You have some beautiful blooms. The anemones are gorgeous and I am jealous of your narcs. For the first time ever some of mine didn't bloom this year. Maybe next.