Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sipping Tea and Watching the Hummingbird

I sit at my table this fine first day of 2011 sipping my flowering tea and watching the hummer. He is busy this morning chasing the other birds away from the yard. The Rufous is a feisty little thing. Here he is on take-off:

The butterflies are also out and about this morning. Here is one on the Aralia blossom:

After we had a few hard freezes last week the flowers are few and far between (other than the lemon and aralia blossoms and the plants in pots that travel in and out of the greenhouse) so I have the hummingbird feeder filled up with fresh nectar. And since there are no blooms to post, this flowering tea blossom will have to suffice:

The tea is bound and tied together in a small bundle or ball and when hot water is poured over the top, it blooms. Very fancy!:

Happy New Year everyone!


Amy said...

Pretty photo of the hummer! I can't seem to get a photo of those fast guys. Happy New Year, too!

Roberta said...

That tea is awesome! I love the photo of it. Yeah, yeah the hummingbird's swell but the tea!

Paul said...

How IS that tea? I was given some old ones and they taste really bland, but no doubt there are different types.