Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bloom Day - January 15th....a day late

I'm a day late for bloom day. It was raining. It's January. The blooming plants were in the greenhouse. That's my excuse.

We had our first real winter weather last week as the temps dipped into the mid-twenties at night and were in the upper-thirties during the day.

It was cold enough to ice up the fountain a bit:

But not cold enough to scare away the wintering hummer. He is still sticking around enjoying the fresh hummingbird nectar I set out in the feeder:

It was cold enough to have to bring all the potted plants, including the paperwhites, into the greenhouse. I just brought them back out today now that it has warmed up a bit along with a few other hanging flowering pots. So this is what I have for bloom day this January:

Paperwhites and cyclamen and pansies:


The faces on pansies always make me smile:

Pink Geranium:

Dragon Wing Begonia:

And Meyer Lemon:

And that's all I've got this month. Happy bloom day everyone!


Caroline said...

Gorgeous blooms! And I love your hummingbird. Happy GBBD!

singapore florist said...

the first photo is very unique.

Pomegranate said...

Great pictures and great camera work. Bloom day is right, keep up the great work.