Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bulbs, bulbs, and more bulbs.

The flower bed around the water feature in the backyard lacks interest in winter/early spring except for the The Byzantine glads and couple species tulips planted in it. I, therefore, decided it needed a slight makeover....

I dug the Byzantine glads and small grouping of species tulips that had been multiplying and split them.

Here they are all mixed up. The big ones are the glads, the small ones are the tulips:

Replanting the byzantine glad bulbs:

Replanting the species tulip bulbs:

I also ordered a ton more species tulips - Clusiana Cynthia and Humulis Red Cup, along with a bunch of Blue anemone blanda. I wanted to make a river of anemone around the tulips. This looks really keen in my mind's eye. We shall see what it really looks like come spring. :)

The excavated flower bed:

Speaking of bulbs, the Autumn crocus are popping up right now:

The paperwhites are coming up:

And the Grape Hyacinths are also poking up. I just bought these and planted them 2 weeks ago. They are not the super-tough Southern grape hyacinth, but the regular kind. They were only 5 bucks for like 25 of them from the big box store, so I figure if they don't come back next year, I can just replace them. *shrugs*:

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