Monday, November 15, 2010

Bloom Day - November 15, 2010

Finally cool weather has arrived! It was in the low 60's yesterday and it was wonderful! And it is beginning to look like Autumn outside. Well, what passes for Autumn in Central Texas, that is. The leaves are starting to turn colors, and the flowers are finishing up.

Chocolate flower is still blooming:

Blue Mistflower, too:

The shrimp plant is still blooming, although it's leaves are starting to yellow a bit:

There are a few Costa Rican Peppers to harvest yet:

The Golden Leadball tree is still full of yellow powder-puffs:

There are a few Moon flowers hanging on, having crept their way into the Chili Pequins:

The Eve's Necklacepod tree is living up to it's name:

And the Weeping Yaupon Holly is turning colors. Soon it's red berries will be gone, stripped clean by the denizens of my garden:

And Finally, some Copper Canyon daisy. They look kinda thin this year, as it has been a very dry Fall season:


Mac_fromAustralia said...

Lovely pics. I particularly like the shrimp plant and the golden leadball tree, neither of which I've ever seen here.

Amy said...

It has been really nice outside. I like the chocolate flower. You have a lot of pretty plants in your garden. I like that yellow leadball tree....pretty post!
I am glad the sun isn't killing you anymore...:)

scottweberpdx said...

Nice post...I especially love the Mistflower, is that a form of Eupatorium?

LindaCTG said...

What a gorgeous garden! And such a wonderful variety of native plants. My chocolate flower is looking really sad; don't know what's happened but maybe it will rally after seeing yours! I dearly want a golden leadball tree, too!