Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bloom Day - June 15th, 2010

Lots of nifty flowers in my garden this month! It's a good thing too, since I missed bloom day last month and I feel I need to make up for it and all. Here's what's blooming:

Bat-faced cuphea:

Aztec lilies:

Bishop of Landaff dahlia (yay! a Dahlia for the South!):


Ground Orchid:


Pink Rain lilies:


Texas Bluebells:

Rock Penstemon(Penstemon baccharifolius):

and again:

Scarlet Runner beans:

Hummingbird-attracting flowers:

Wine cups (if I keep them watered, they keep blooming):


Tina Poe said...

Love your winecups and batface cuphea. I tried winecup seeds once, but nothing ever came of them.

ConsciousGardener said...

Beautiful show Bonnie! Did you ever grow the Double Purple Frill Datura that Randy kept bringing to the MG meetings? All ours have died and I'm looking for a seed saver to get some more!

Hope you're doing well!

Melody said...

The Aztec is a pretty and interesting bloom. None of my ground orchids survived this winter, so I need to get some more.