Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 Inches of Rain!

Just when I thought my garden was about to go all crispy on me (3rd summer in a row - sigh), it rains! The Garden received 2 inches of rain yesterday. We were lucky. Usually the rain builds above us, then proceeds to float off East and dump rain over thataway. This time, however, the storm built directly overhead and got stuck and it rained cats and dogs! Swoot!

The cantaloupes are swelling up:

I am anticipating extra-large, super-sweet, juicy orbs of deliciousness. Eat your heart out, Freud.


Paul said...

Gorgeous! I now regret opting for squash over melons this season. Avoid overwatering them after the rain or they'll lose sweetness.

Bob said...

what kind of cantaloupes are those? they look interesting.

Lee17 said...

They are Northern Arizona Cantaloupes. It's an Heirloom Variety. I like them because they are very sweet.