Sunday, April 11, 2010

Northern Bobwhite

As I was going about my gardening today, I heard a rustling and looked to my right to find a Bobwhite busy foraging about in the garden! Neat! Apparently, these guys are considered a Near-Threatened species as they have been shown to be in significant decline in most areas.

As I recall, quail and grouse are kinda dumb birds - they let you get real close-like before they take off. This guy fit that stereotype, and he didn't seem to mind me taking his photo:

Eventually, he had enough harrassment and jumped up on the fence to get away:


katina said...

Silly birds and their letting you get all close-like before flying off...

Lancashire rose said...

He's gorgeous and you are so lucky he visited. We used to hear Bobwhite over here but not for a few years. I once saw a whole little brood of them running through the trees but now house building has chased them away.