Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bloom Day - April 15th, 2010

It is a big bluebonnet year this year, so I will start out bloom day with some of this lupine:

More blubonnets mixed with other pretties:

Blue flax:

Jerusalem Sage:

Red corn poppy. (This photo is awful as the wind was blowing and it was the best I could do):

Prairie Verbena:

Yellow Primrose:

Pink primrose (I had none of these last year due to the drought, but this year the garden is covered in them):


Four nerve daisy and some yellow flax:

Some late Narcissus:

Texas yellow star:


Eves Necklace:

Byzantine glads:

Orchis tree bloom:

Yellow Columbine and Cedar Sage:

Chocolate Flower:

And Freesia Laxa:

Happy Bloom day!


katina said...

Hey, how big is your pom tree? I keep trying to convince the husband that we need one...I don't know if he buys it yet...

Iris said...

Lots of blooms at your house--lovely! I'm particularly crazy about your blue flax.

Amy Farrier said...

Love the wildflowers mixed in with the perennials (red corn poppies always make me happy). And the Damianita looks so fantastically dense and loaded with flowers; I may have to try that out.

Melody said...

Beautiful flowers - I especially like the flowering pomegranate.

ConsciousGardener said...

So many beautiful flowers Bonnie! I love the Poppy photo, it jumps out at you! Nice show, it's a beautiful spring!