Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Teens

So it has been in the teens the past couple of nights and my Paperwhites that did so well in the twenties, don't so much like the teens. They are looking awfully mushy:

And I have been filling the resevoir for the jar fountain with warm water (not too hot, I don't want the jar breaking)in the evening to try and avoid the complete ice-over it got the other evening. It seems to be working:

The Lion Fountain gets warm water in its basin, too. And my poor philodendrons. They have never looked so bad! It appears that the hello-kitty sheets just were not enough to keep them warm. Hopefully they will come back from the root-ball once it warms up (fingers crossed):

At least the birds are keeping warm by filling up on suet:


Yellow Warbler of some sort:

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