Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Planting Bulbs...

My bulb order arrived from Brent and Becky's and I am planting bulbs today. The bulbs all looked big and healthy too. Yay!

What I planted:

1)Narcissus - Sweetness (this one is yellow and supposed to smell sweet, hence the name)
2)Narcissus - Avalanche (called 'Seventeen Sisters' in the past because of its 15-20 white and yellow blooms on each stem; this is also supposed to smell sweet)
3)Narcissus - Flore Pleno (a double yellow jonquilla-ish bulb)
4)Crocus - Tommies (cause I REALLY want to have some spring crocus and I hear these sometimes work down here. I'm gonna give them a shot; they were cheap, so if they fail it isn't that big a deal)
5) Freesia Laxa - (these are winter growing south african bulbs. I put them where I have canna in the summer in the hope of having some winter color in that spot. I hope these work out for me!)


Randy Emmitt said...

Bulbs I've never noticed. I planted a lot of Brent and Becky's bulbs. Did yours take forever to get? Waited so long I ended up canceling half my order and buying locally for a good bit cheaper.

Lee17 said...


I did order the bulbs in early October, but they arrived about when I expected them to. They told me the bulbs would ship mid-November since that is planting time in my area and the bulbs arrived mid-November like they said. So I didn't have any issues. However, if I want bulbs to arrive immediately and I am ordering in-season, usually I will order from the Southern Bulb Company as they are usually very fast to deliver, but I have to pay more to get bulbs from them. So, it really depends if I feel like I want instant gratification or if I don't mind waiting to save a few bucks.

sweet bay said...

Sweetness is one that's on my wish list. I bet you'll like it!

Lee17 said...

Sweet bay,

Thanks! I bet I will love it :)